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If Windows won't load, or you can't get your system to read an important disk all is not lost. Jason's Tech Services, LLC can examine your drive and in many cases can quickly recover your lost data. In more extreme cases we can send your drive out to a professional data recovery service. For more information, please call now @ (802)246-7822.

Jason's Tech Services, LLC is proud to offer the best data recovery service in the business.

In order to provide a full range of data recovery services, Jason's Tech Services, LLC has recently teamed up with Drive Savers Data Recovery. Drive Savers is a world renowned data recovery specialist with a proven track record. Not only can they recover your data quickly and efficiently, but they are also authorized to work on all major drives without voiding the original warranty.

Check out this handy drive simulator to learn more about how a hard drive works and exactly what can go wrong with it.

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Aren't professional data recovery services expensive?

While it's true that data recovery can be expensive, can you really put a value on all the data you could lose in the event of a hard drive failure? Precious family pictures, tax documents and more could be lost forever! It's also said that any business that experiences major data loss will never recover and most go out of business shortly afterwards. Don't let this happen to you.

These days most insurance companies do provide compensation for data recovery in their home or business insurance plans, which will at least significantly reduce the cost of recovery if not pay for it altogether.

For more information, please check out the videos below.

Drive Savers Data Security:

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Drive Savers Virtual Tour:

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Clean Room Virtual Tour:

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