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Your On-Site Repair Specialist!

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From simple document sharing to complex computer networks, we handle it all!

For anything your home or business needs when it comes to connectivity we can help.

Small Business Networks

No matter if it's a two computer network or locations across the country, communication between your business systems is essential. We can help set up new networks and troubleshoot existing ones. Easily share your resources (storage, printers, displays, internet, etc.) among the systems in your network.


Keep unwanted eyes out of your private data. It could be a stranger on the Internet, or maybe a curious employee. Protect your business or home network and keep those prying eyes away.

Home Networks

Share your Internet connection, printers or storage devices among multiple computers in your home. It's easy and Jason's Tech Services, LLC can help. We can also help connect non-computer devices (game consoles, televisions, etc.) to your network.

Wireless Networks

Don't be tethered to your network! Connect your laptop or other wireless devices to your Internet, business and home networks and use them anywhere in your house or business without being tied to a cable.