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Onsite Computer Repair

Don't let these problems bother you for another minute. Call Jason's Tech Services, LLC at (802)246-7822 and your computer problems will be solved!

Jason's Tech Services offers complete support of Windows Operating Systems. We specialize in virus and spyware removal, system upgrades and resolving crashes. When your computer's not working to it's full potential, call us and we can help.

Viruses- viruses and other forms of malware continue to be a major computer issue for most users. According to Symantec, there may be over a million viruses in existence today. Fortunately, not all of these are active and with the proper maintenance and protection these threats can be held at bay.

Upgrades- If your system is running slowly, or can't handle today's applications it doesn't necessarily mean it's time for a new one. Often a simple upgrade can make an older system work like new. But, it can be difficult to determine just what your computer needs to squeeze out a little more performance. Jason's Tech Services, LLC can examine your system and figure out exactly what it's lacking, explain what needs to be done in common english and install the needed upgrade.

Crashes- When Windows stops working it can be a nightmare, but it doesn't need to be. Jason's Tech Services, LLC has experience resolving all types of system crashes. We can help get your system back up and running. And, if it happens to be a something major, we can help retrieve your data and move it to another system, disk or hard drive.

Laptops and Desktops - Jason's Tech Services, LLC can handle all your Windows problems whether they be on a laptop or desktop system. Experience with all major brands.

Low Rates- because of the focus on onsite repair, Jason's Tech Services' rates are well below the national average.

With over 10 years of professional experience dealing with problems affecting home and small business systems.