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We offer the following services:

System Tune Up & Cleaning

Is your system starting to slow down or getting clogged up with dust? It's recommend to have your system tuned up at least twice a year to make sure it's running its best and to prolong its life.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Viruses run the gamut from simple annoyance to system-crippling and they can often be difficult to remove. Jason's Tech Services can take care of them for you and help protect you in the future.


Why buy a brand new system if you can get more life out of the one you currently own? Breath new life into your aging computer with more memory or a bigger hard drive! Jason's Tech Services can tell you exactly what you need to get your computer humming again.

Windows Recovery

If your system doesn't start we can help! From simple boot problems to complete disaster Jason's Tech Services can get your computer running again quickly.

Data Recovery

Even if your system won't boot or is not worth fixing there may be something on it you still want. In most cases Jason's Tech Services can easily recover your data and copy it to a different system or drive.

Computer Networking

Whether it's two computers sharing an Internet connection, or a business network Jason's Tech Services can help get it up and running quickly and efficiently.

Wireless Networking

We can help set up a wireless home network to share your DSL or Cable connection. Or, perhaps you would like to add wireless functionality to your existing business network. Jason's Tech Services makes it easy and understandable.


Worried about intrusion but not sure what to do about it? Jason's Tech Services can help protect your important data from the dangers of the Internet.

Backup Plans

No matter how careful you are disaster can strike. But if you're prepared you can minimize the cost of recovery and the damage caused by loss.

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